ViParc in the media

ViParc in the Media
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English-language news pieces with mention of ViParc’s activities and research findings:

[For Vietnamese-language news, click here]

1. ‘Oxford research unit holds student photo contest on antibiotic resistance in poultry farming’, Tuoi Tre News, 10/11/2017.

2. ‘Antibiotics plague husbandry’, Viet Nam News, 21/11/2017.

3. ‘​Vietnamese students raise awareness of antibiotic resistance in poultry farming through paintings’, Tuoi Tre News, 12/1/2018.

4. ‘City to ensure food safety at traditional markets’, Viet Nam News, 1/2/2018.

5. ‘Tackling drug resistance on Asian farms with apps and a dictionary’, Reuters20/8/2018.

6. First roadshow training for veterinary drug stores in Dong Thap THDT 09/09/2020

7. Vietnam is focusing on veterinary drug shops to tackle antimicrobial resistance by Juan Carrique-Mas DowntoEarth 21/11/2020