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A story about prompt intervention of ViParc Project Vets

On 29th August 2018, the owner of a small-holder farm whose flock had been enrolled as part of the intervention arm in the ViParc project called his Project Vet after discovering that about 20 of his 200 four-week-old chicks began to show symptoms of serious disease. The symptoms included ruffled feathers, and a droopy appearance.…
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31st August 2018 0

New Scientific Publication on Antimicrobial Usage by One of ViParc Main Researchers

ViParc had a paper published on 15 August 2018 titled Antimicrobial Usage in Animal Production: A Review of the Literature with a Focus on Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The review appears in the journal antibiotics and has ViParc researcher Nguyen Van Cuong as the lead author. This publication has three main messages, according to Mr. Cuong:…
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21st August 2018 0

ViParc Project Status Meeting: Focusing on Intervention Phase

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 16 August 2018 ViParc convened a project status meeting on 16 August in Ho Chi Minh City, rolling out activities for the intervention phase. ViParc’s interventions — including a farm health plan, farmer training, diagnostic support and non-antimicrobial products — aim to demonstrate that Vietnamese farmers can produce chickens using…
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16th August 2018 0

Sharing Experiences on Data Collection with VIDA-PIG Researchers

Dong Thap, Vietnam, 26-27 July 2018 Two researchers from the National Institute of Veterinary Research (NIVR, Hanoi) Dr. Đặng Thị Thanh Sơn and her PhD student Mr. Nguyễn Văn Phương worked with ViParc researchers and veterinarians for two days (26-27th July 2018). Dr. Sơn and Mr. Phương visited three ViParc chicken farms in Dong Thap.…
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27th July 2018 0

Laboratory Training on the Diagnosis of Coccidiosis in Chicken Flocks in Dong Thap

Dong Thap, Vietnam, 18 July -21 July 2018 During the week of 18th – 21st July, Dr. Bui Khanh Linh (Head of Parasitology Department, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Vietnam National University of Agriculture) visited Dong Thap to provide training to ViParc laboratory staff. Dr. Linh alongside with the ViParc laboratory technician (Ms. Nguyễn Thị Bích Vân)…
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21st July 2018 0

ViParc Training Course for Farmers

Dong Thap, Vietnam, 20 July 2018 ViParc concluded on 20 July a course for farmers in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap. Titled Better Management – Better Chicken Health, it forms an integral part of the project’s intervention package, which includes training, regular farm visits, diagnostic support and non-antimicrobial alternatives. A total of 50…
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20th July 2018 0

Tips from Vietnam: Designing technology to reduce antibiotic use and resistance

This blog post was written by a ViParc team member for the Longitude Prize website. It originally appeared here and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike licence (CC-BY-NC-SA). By Vu Thi Quynh Giao | 7 July 2018 Working on a mobile application has made me realise how much our life depends on…
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7th July 2018 0

ViParc Participation in Workshop by Big Data Institute and Institute Pasteur

Oxford, United Kingdom, 25-26 June 2018 ViParc Principal Investigator Dr. Juan Carrique-Mas participated in a workshop by the Big Data Institute and Institute Pasteur, sharing his experience working on antimicrobial resistance in Vietnam. The workshop was held in the Big Data Institute Building, University of Oxford, from 25-26 June 2018. More information on the event’s…
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26th June 2018 0

ViParc community advisory boards share insights on parasitic worm infections in poultry

Ho Chi Minh City, 11 April 2018  – ViParc Community Advisory Board (CAB) members met on 29 March in Dong Thap Province, sharing insights on parasitic worm infections in poultry (helminthiasis) in the Mekong Delta. Two CABs have been in operation specifically in Cao Lanh and Thap Muoi Districts to consult for ViParc, a three-year…
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11th April 2018 0

ViParc Participation in 2018 APPC Conference

ViParc Participation in 2018 APPC Conference Bangkok, Thailand, 25-27 March 2018 Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung (ViParc Laboratory co-ordinator) and Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong (ViParc Project co-ordinator), alongside ViParc collaborators Mr. Vo Be Hien, Mr. Bach Tuan Kiet, and Mr. Nguyen Tan Tai (Sub-Department of Animal Health, Dong Thap), and Dr. Ho Thi Viet Thu (Can…
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27th March 2018 0