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ViParc Presentation at the 8th GREASE-Network Annual Meeting

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 28-30 May 2019 ViParc team members Doan Hoang Phu and Vu Thi Quynh Giao provided an update on the project at the 8th GREASE-Network Annual Meeting, organized in Ho Chi Minh City from 28-30 May. Their presentation focused on ViParc’s work with veterinary pharmacies in the Mekong Delta — an…
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30th May 2019 0

New Study on Pricing of Antimicrobials

A new letter advocating for changes in pricing policy for antimicrobials used in ViParc chicken farms has been published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. The letter, led by Juan Carrique-Mas (ViParc PI), summarizes the retail costs of the 10 most commonly used antimicrobial products used in chicken farms, and compares these costs with…
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24th May 2019 0

ViParc Publication on Drivers of Antimicrobial Usage in Poultry Farms in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

A new study on antimicrobial usage in poultry farms in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam has recently been published. The research was led by Dr. Truong Dinh Bao from Nong Lam University who collaborated with ViParc project as veterinary economist. The main aim was to understand the drivers of antimicrobial use in poultry farms in the…
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12th April 2019 0

46th Vietnam National Conference on Parasitology

Ha Noi, Vietnam,5-6 April 2019 Nguyen Thi Bich Van, ViParc research assistant, participated in the 46th National Conference on Parasitology held in Ha Noi from 5-6 April 2019. The conference, focusing on zoonotic and emerging parasitic diseases of humans, poultry and livestock, included the participation of a large of number of Vietnamese and international parasitologists,…
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6th April 2019 0

Interventions to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance in a Developing Country

Rome, Italy, 3-5 April 2019 In the framework of the VI Conference on Poultry intestinal health ( celebrated in Rome during 3-5 April, Juan Carrique-Mas, ViParc Principal Investigator, was invited by Phileo-Lesaffre Animal Care to present the ViParc Project as an example of interventions in a developing country aimed at tackling the global problem of…
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5th April 2019 0

ViParc Engagement Activities with Vietnamese Veterinary Pharmacists Presented in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, 19-20 March 2019 ViParc team member Vu Thi Quynh Giao recently presented the project’s activities for engaging Vietnamese veterinary pharmacists on responsible antibiotic use at a regional workshop themed Evidence-Based Public Engagement. The workshop, jointly organized by the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) and the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU),…
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20th March 2019 0

ViParc Participation in Workshop by EW Nutrition

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 26 February 2019 On 26th February Dr. Juan Carrique-Mas (ViParc Principal Investigator) presented the ViParc project in the workshop organized by EW Nutrition: “Antibiotic Reduction in Broilers and Breeders” (See Programme). The meeting, organized by EW Nutrition and held in the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) was…
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26th February 2019 0

New study on disease and mortality in chicken flocks

A recent publication has come out of the ViParc Project on disease and mortality in poultry flocks. This publication summarizes data from the baseline phase of the ViParc intervention. The work, led by Dr. Juan Carrique-Mas (Principal Investigator of ViParc) is the first study that documents disease and mortality in small-scale chicken flocks in the…
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25th February 2019 0

ViParc Study Results on Veterinary Pharmacies Presented at ICOMOS

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 11-14 February 2019 At the 4th International Conference on One Medicine One Science (ICOMOS), ViParc veterinarian Doan Hoang Phu presented the project’s latest findings on veterinary pharmacies in Vietnam. The event took place in Chiang Mai from 11-14 February. In characterizing 93 veterinary pharmacies in two districts of Dong Thap, a Mekong…
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14th February 2019 0

Interim Data Review of the ViParc Intervention Phase

A review in January 2019 by two veterinary epidemiologists showed there were no adverse effects caused by ViParc’s intervention. This conclusion was reached by Prof. Katharina Stärk (Royal Veterinary College, UK) and Dr. Flavie Goutard (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, France). They had each independently analysed chicken-mortality data from 18 farms receiving the…
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21st January 2019 0