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New publication describing impact of antimicrobial use on chicken health

A new ViParc study has just been published in Zoonoses and Public Health journal. The study, lead by Dr. Marc Choisy, used a large dataset from the ViParc trial consisting of antimicrobial use and clinical signs in 332 Mekong Delta chicken flocks observed over 5,566 weeks. The study shows conclusively that prophylactic use of antimicrobials…
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19th May 2021 0

New study on antimicrobials in chicken feeds

A new study on antimicrobials in chicken feeds from the ViParc project has been recently published in PLOS-ONE. The study, conducted by Nguyen Van Cuong, examined the labels of commercial feeds consumed by 338 chicken flocks raised in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Thirty-five of 99 (35.3%) different antimicrobial-containing feed products identified included at least…
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27th April 2021 0

Third Roadshow targeting veterinary pharmacists completed in Dong Thap

event. To develop the program for this Roadshow, ViParc invited veterinary experts from Nong Lam University (NLU-HCMC) as well as an expert from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Vietnam. The Roadshow included presentations on the following topics (1) ‘Viral emerging diseases of pigs’; (2) ‘Duck plague and Riemerellosis’; (3)…
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22nd April 2021 0

A new study highlights that veterinary advice can substantially reduce AMU without compromising flock health and productivity

A study entitled ‘Reducing antimicrobial usage in small-scale chicken farms in Vietnam: A 3-year intervention study’ has been recently published in Frontiers of Veterinary Science Journal. The study, lead by scientist Doan Hoang Phu, shows the final results of the ViParc intervention, based on the provision of veterinary advice to chicken farmers in the Mekong…
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1st February 2021 0

The second training (‘Roadshow 2’) aimed at veterinary drug stores in Dong Thap province

With the aim of reducing unnecessary antibiotic use in animal production while promoting prudent use in order to limit the growth of resistant bacteria both in humans and animals, and in collaboration with the Sub-Department of Animal Health of Dong Thap province (SDAH-DT), ViParc organized a second training course (‘Roadshow 2’) targeting veterinary drug shops…
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20th January 2021 0

Participation in Workshop on the Management of Antibiotic Use and Prevention in Hanoi

On the 20th November, Truong Dinh Bao (OUCRU/NLU) and Juan Carrique-Mas (OUCRU) attended a Workshop on the Management of Antibiotic Use and Prevention in Hanoi. The meeting, organized by the Department of Animal Health (DAH) was followed up by a technical discussion held on 20th November with participation of DAH, NLU, PATH, FHI360, the Food…
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3rd December 2020 0

First roadshow – Training for veterinary drug stores in Dong Thap province

From 07-18 September, 2020. The ViParc project conducted the first training roadshow targeting veterinary drug stores within Dong Thap province. The roadshows reached owners and staff of 195 veterinary drug stores in Dong Thap province and it was focused on discussions on how to the reduction excessive antibiotic use in animal production. The training content…
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7th October 2020 0

New study highlights what non-critically important antimicrobials are likely to be effective against chicken pathogens

A new study carried out by the ViParc team at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit has characterised antimicrobial resistance in chicken pathogens against 12 commonly used antimicrobials in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The study, led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Yen (ViParc laboratory scientist) investigated the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of 58 pathogenic bacteria collected…
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9th September 2020 0

New Project on Antimicrobial Use in Vietnam

The new VACAL project ( ‘Development and Evaluation of an Antimicrobial Use Calculator for terrestrial Food Animals to be deployed in Veterinary drug shops in Vietnam’ has recently kicked-off, as part of the ‘Risk Mitigation and Management of Human Health Threats along Animal Value Chains – OSRO/VIE/402/USA project’. VACAL is a pilot study implemented by…
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7th September 2020 0

New study found a link between the zoonotic Streptococcus suis and chickens

Chicken could be a self-sustaining reservoir of Streptococcus suis (S. suis) to human and pigs in contact, according to a study recently been published in the Zoonoses and Public Health journal. This organism is well-known as a global pathogen of pigs as well as an emerging zoonotic pathogen that causes severe human diseases. The study,…
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21st May 2020 0