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Participation in Workshop on the Management of Antibiotic Use and Prevention in Hanoi

On the 20th November, Truong Dinh Bao (OUCRU/NLU) and Juan Carrique-Mas (OUCRU) attended a Workshop on the Management of Antibiotic Use and Prevention in Hanoi. The meeting, organized by the Department of Animal Health (DAH) was followed up by a technical discussion held on 20th November with participation of DAH, NLU, PATH, FHI360, the Food…
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3rd December 2020 0

New study highlights what non-critically important antimicrobials are likely to be effective against chicken pathogens

A new study carried out by the ViParc team at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit has characterised antimicrobial resistance in chicken pathogens against 12 commonly used antimicrobials in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The study, led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Yen (ViParc laboratory scientist) investigated the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of 58 pathogenic bacteria collected…
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9th September 2020 0

New study of retail prices of antimicrobial products used in chicken production

A new study led by Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung (ViParc’s veterinary researcher) investigating the retail price of antimicrobial products used in small scale chicken farms has recently been published. The study is the first pricing study on antimicrobial agents from a low- and middle-income countries. The prices of 214 different antimicrobial-containing products used in 191…
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5th February 2020 0