New study of retail prices of antimicrobial products used in chicken production

5th February 2020 Hoạt động và sự kiện cũ Past Events and Activities 0

A new study led by Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung (ViParc’s veterinary researcher) investigating the retail price of antimicrobial products used in small scale chicken farms has recently been published. The study is the first pricing study on antimicrobial agents from a low- and middle-income countries. The prices of 214 different antimicrobial-containing products used in 191 chicken flocks were estimated from 775 purchasing records. The average retail price of a daily dose administered to a 1kg bird across products was equivalent to 0.40 cents of 1 US$ (₵). Farmers spent on average of ₵3.91 on antimicrobials per bird over one production cycle. Farmers generally preferred using more expensive antimicrobials on older flocks since investment losses are greater the older the flocks are. There is no evidence showing that the highest priority AAIs has more expensive retail price than others. The study highlights the very low retail prices of antimicrobial products currently used in small scale chicken farms in Mekong Delta. Surprisingly, these prices are not related to their relevance for human medicine. Therefore, revising pricing policies of antimicrobial products remain a potential policy strategy to discourage the use of antimicrobials of critical importance in animal production.
The full study can be accessed here:

Artwork by Le Thi Tuong Vi, 2017 (the painting contest held for student by ViParc)