Interim Data Review of the ViParc Intervention Phase

21st January 2019 Past Events and Activities 0

A review in January 2019 by two veterinary epidemiologists showed there were no adverse effects caused by ViParc’s intervention.

This conclusion was reached by Prof. Katharina Stärk (Royal Veterinary College, UK) and Dr. Flavie Goutard (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, France). They had each independently analysed chicken-mortality data from 18 farms receiving the project’s intervention, and compared their respective mortality rates during the baseline phase (November 2016-May 2018) and the early intervention period (June-November 2018).

Prof. Katharina Stärk (left) and Dr. Flavie Goutard (right)

At Prof. Stärk and Dr. Goutard’s conclusion, ViParc can continue its intervention, which is expected to last until November 2019 and which includes farmer training, farm health plans, antimicrobial alternatives and support for diagnosing chicken diseases.

Their interim review was called for as a formal requisite for the continuation of ViParc, a field intervention trial in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The project involves 112 farms and aims to reduce the need for antimicrobials in chicken production.