ViParc Community Advisory Boards on Local Veterinary Pharmacies

7th January 2019 Past Events and Activities 0

Dong Thap, Vietnam, 7 January 2019

Two ViParc Community Advisory Boards (CABs) convened for the 5th time in Dong Thap on 7 January, discussing the role of local veterinary pharmacies on farmers’ behavior of drug use.

ViParc researcher Doan Hoang Phu presented preliminary results from a survey on 97 drug stores in the province, where chicken farmers in Cao Lanh and Thap Muoi districts were found to be within 4-5 kilometers from the nearest veterinary pharmacy.

Doan Hoang Phu presenting preliminary results on veterinary pharmacies

Based on the survey and lived experience, most CAB members said that small-scale farmers relied heavily on local pharmacists for advice on what medicine to give their chickens. Only a small minority asserted that farmers were quite sure about what they wanted and would not listen to any veterinary pharmacist.