ViParc Interventions Introduced at Workshop on Food and AMR

15th December 2018 Past Events and Activities 0

Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand, 12-15 December 2018

ViParc public-engagement coordinator Vu Thi Quynh Giao recently introduced the project’s interventions at a workshop in Thailand entitled Globalizing Food Campaigns: Sharing Strategies to Address Antimicrobial Resistance.

Participants at Globalizing Food Campaigns workshop

The workshop took place in Bangkok from 12-14 December, followed by a field trip to Chiang Mai on 15 December—where the participants studied the interplay between different agriculture models and antibiotic-reduction efforts.

While presenting ViParc’s farmer support package – which includes farmer training, farm health plans, antimicrobial alternatives and support for diagnosing chicken diseases – Ms. Giao said the project chose to work with small-scale farmers because they account for the majority, i.e. up to 60 percent, of chicken production in Vietnam. A few others on the panel “Moving towards sustainable agriculture,” where she presented, debated whether it would be more effective to focus on industrial or smallholder farming to reduce antibiotic usage in food animals.

The event was organized by ReAct, a nonprofit network created in 2005 with nodes in Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Africa and Europe to combat antibiotic resistance worldwide.