ViParc Participation in Technical Seminar on AMR/AMU in Hanoi

27th November 2018 Past Events and Activities 0

Hanoi, Vietnam, 27 November 2018

In an effort to contribute to the successful implementation of Vietnam’s 2017 National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance, a ‘Technical Seminar On AMR/AMU Research and Good Animal Health and Farm Management Practices’ was organized by the National Institute of Veterinary Research (NIVR) in collaboration with FAO on 27th November, in Hanoi.

On behalf of ViParc team, Mr. Doan Hoang Phu (ViParc veterinarian and data co-ordinator) attended the seminar and shared information on the ViParc farm Auditing Tool, a core support tool that supports ViParc Project Vets in their advisory capacity. In ViParc, Project Vets are the main source of advice to farmers on health and flock management issues, helping them raise their standards of biosecurity, vaccination and terminal cleaning and disinfection, contributing to the reduction of prophylactic use of antibiotics on flocks.