New Scientific Publication on Antimicrobial Usage by One of ViParc Main Researchers

21st August 2018 Past Events and Activities 0

ViParc had a paper published on 15 August 2018 titled Antimicrobial Usage in Animal Production: A Review of the Literature with a Focus on Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The review appears in the journal antibiotics and has ViParc researcher Nguyen Van Cuong as the lead author.

This publication has three main messages, according to Mr. Cuong:

ο There is a large deficit of publications from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Of 89 scientific publications reviewed, only 17 were from LMICs. This is an imbalance, especially given that LMICs represent over 80 percent of the global world population. Four of these papers were however carried out by researchers from Vietnam, which shows that the country has been at the forefront of research on antimicrobial usage (AMU). Only publications from seven countries (Canada, Denmark, Germany, USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia) accounted for over 50 percent of all the published outputs.

ο AMU was greatest in chickens (138.0 doses/1000 animal-days), followed by swine (40.2), and dairy cattle (10.0). It can thus be interpreted that a typical chicken spends 13.8 percent of its lifetime receiving antimicrobials, much higher than pigs (4.0 percent) and dairy cattle (1.0 percent). However, per kilogram of meat produced, AMU was highest in swine, followed by chickens and cattle.

ο This review aims to encourage further research on AMU, which is much needed, especially in LMICs.