ViParc Project Status Meeting: Focusing on Intervention Phase

16th August 2018 Past Events and Activities 0

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 16 August 2018

ViParc convened a project status meeting on 16 August in Ho Chi Minh City, rolling out activities for the intervention phase.

Discussion among meeting participants

ViParc’s interventions — including a farm health plan, farmer training, diagnostic support and non-antimicrobial products — aim to demonstrate that Vietnamese farmers can produce chickens using lower amounts of antimicrobials. It also aspires to be a demonstration that veterinarians will catalyze change and help reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

In order to bring about such impact, said study principal investigator Dr. Juan Carrique-Mas, ViParc has to be clear about convincing farmers to avoid using antimicrobials prophylactically (i.e. for disease prevention).

This message, while tough to implement, was backed by Dr. Vo Be Hien, director of the Dong Thap Sub-Department of Animal Health (DT-SDAH). He said that by working closely with not only the farmers but also the local veterinary pharmacists and mass organizations, ViParc can ensure successful delivery of its interventions.

Twelve researchers and collaborators from the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit and DT-SDAH attended the meeting.

ViParc project status meeting with 12 participants